Why Invest in Proximar?

Well proven and low-risk land based production technology

  • Production based on a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology provided by AquaMaof
  • AquaMaof’s technology has solid track record and provides ideal growth conditions for Atlantic Salmon
  • High degree of modularity, redundancy and buffer capacity, with low inherent complexity
  • Strong corporate platform for project phase and future operations
  • Supportive and strong anchor shareholders with industry competence and strong connections in the Japanese fish and finance industries
  • Experienced Board and Executive Management team with solid competence in land-based fish farming, finance and project management

Large and growing Japanese market for Atlantic Salmon

  • Atlantic salmon market totaling 65,000 tons per year
  • ~90% of all Japanese consumption of fresh Atlantic salmon is currently imported from Norway by air
  • High historical price resilience for Atlantic salmon import in Japan

Sustainable and financially attractive positioning

  • Absence of air freight reduces carbon footprint and enables substantial cost savings
  • Closed-circuit production reduces risk of disease
  • Potential for premium pricing
  • Ambitions to increase production substantially, targeting additional annual production of 21 000 tonnes. (LOI for land area secured)

Investor Contact

Ole Christian Willumsen
+47 48 21 34 29
Joachim Nielsen
+ 47 92 85 55 59 /
+81 70 2811 9898