Land-based farming of premium Atlantic salmon by the foot of Mount Fuji

Norwegian quality, Japanese passion

Our Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic Salmon, with its rich taste, ample Omega-3 content and firm texture, is a popular ingredient all over the world. In Japan, despite its non-native status, Atlantic salmon has gained culinary prominence for its versatility in dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

The fresh Atlantic Salmon in Japan has historically been sourced from Norway and Scotland, but Proximar is now farming first class fish by the foot of Mount Fuji. The eggs are delivered from the renowned StofnFiskur strain in Iceland and hatched on site. The salmon is thereafter bred on Japanese feed, electricity and water, utilizing mainly local workforce.

Proximar plans for daily delivery of fresh and locally produced Atlantic Salmon to the Japanese market throughout the year, while minimizing the environmental impact. First harvest is expected in the third quarter of 2024.

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Our Farming Facility

Proximar is a landbased fish farmer, operating a 28,000 square meters facility by the foot of Mount Fuji. The facility has an annual production capacity of 5,300 tonnes of head-on-gutted Atlantic Salmon and is optimized for continous harvest.

The facility utilizes a proven Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology,  with limited use of water, electricity and water treatment additives.
The facility is over-pressurized and follows a strict biosecurity protocol, minimizing the risk of contamination and diseases. Consequently, there is no need for vaccination/medication and the fish experience high welfare.

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Our Sustainable Footprint

Atlantic Salmon possess many of the characteristics necessary to feed a growing population with sustainable and high-quality nourishment, of which the most important are high feed conversion ratio and protein retention. With a land-based approach, which eliminates the need for overseas airfreight, Proximar provides the Japanese market with eco-friendly and first class produce.

We have, as the first fish farming company in the world, received Cicero’s Dark Green classification. We have also been awarded top rating for the company’s sustainability work by the recognised Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR).

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