Land-based farming of premium Atlantic salmon by the foot of Mount Fuji

Norwegian quality, Japanese passion

Proximar has initiated production in the first fish farm for Atlantic salmon in Japan, at the foot of Mount Fuji, Oyama. The land-based facility is expected to be serving fresh salmon to Japanese consumers from 2024.

The land based production ensures high quality production and stable harvest volumes all-year round, with minimal use of water, electricity and additives. Proximity to the market enables us to deliver unparallelled freshness, without the need for air freight. Our production takes place in a fully closed environment with minimal environmental footprint, both locally and globally, securing a sustainable and safe product.



Land-based fish farming enables sustainable production of high quality Atlantic salmon, while proximity to the Japanese market minimizes the transportation footprint. Proximar has a systematic approach to sustainability, meaning that it is integrated into how we plan and intend to conduct our operations.

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Construction progress

The construction in Oyama will be  be completed in 2023.

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