Image with an overview of the Proximar farm facility

Our Farming Facility

Farming the first Atlantic Salmon in Japan using proven and robust technology by the foot of Mount Fuji

Farming Technology

In farming of Atlantic Salmon; fish welfare, productivity and economics go hand in hand.  As long as it is provided with good water quality, high biosecurity and first-class feed, the fish thrive and grow.

Proximar uses proven AquaMaof-technology to ensure excellent and stable growth conditions through natural and low complex solutions, such as settlers, gravity-based aeration and trickling biofilters. This leads to low electricity consumption and•reduced probability of equipment failure due to few mechanical components.

The production facilities are separated into independent modules and over-pressurized, ensuring low risk of diseases and contamination.

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The Oyama Facility

Proximar’s facility, located by the foot of iconic Mount Fuji, consists of a hatchery & nursery building and a grow-out building. These are in total around 28 000 square meters and have a tank capacity of 32 000 cubic meters.  

The location has  vast and stable access to vital input factors such as electricity and clean water. From the site, there is around 1.5 hours drive to the greater Tokyo area, enabling us to deliver day-fresh produce to our customers

The construction of the facility was completed in the autumn of 2023.

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