Proximar Seafood

Is currently building the first fish farm for Atlantic salmon in Japan, at the foot of Mount Fuji, Oyama. The land-based facility, which will be completed in 2023, is expected to be serving fresh salmon to Japanese consumers from mid 2024.

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The land based production ensures high quality production and stable harvest volumes all-year round, with minimal use of water, electricity and additives. Proximity to the market enables us to deliver unparallelled freshness, without the need for air freight. Our production takes place in a fully closed environment with minimal environmental footprint, both locally and globally, securing a sustainable and safe product.

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Proximar brings together people from across the globe to solve one of mankind’s great puzzles; sustainable and effective seafood production. Fulfilling this ambition requires dedicated and creative people, who collaborate across borders and continents. As a company that is born international, we strive for equal opportunities for everyone and treat each individual with respect and honesty. 

Corporate management principles


  • A leader within salmon farming in Asia
  • Optimization of production and profitability
  • Embrace innovation and technology
  • Strive to improve – every day


  • Fish welfare is the core of our production
  • Sustainable across the entire value chain
  • Cooperation and positive contribution to neighboring areas
  • Open and honest communication with stakeholders


  • Everyone is treated with respect and friendliness
  • Equal opportunities for everyone (across gender, age, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.)


We are searching for Fishfarm Technicians for our site in Oyama.
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