Production update Q3 2023

Proximar's Oyama Facility: Atlantic Salmon Production Soars from 1.4 to 11.5 Metric Tonnes in a Year


We announce our first production update following the successful initiation of production of Atlantic salmon in the Oyama-facility in Japan in October 2022. At the end of Q3 2023, Proximar had a standing biomass of 11,5 metric tonnes, up from 1,4 metric tonnes at the end of Q2.

First batch, ~160 grams

“The fish is performing well and growing better than expected. This supports the quality of our production facility and chosen technology, operational structure, and fish farming competence. The water quality remains good and stable, which we now see turning into good growth performance. This is very encouraging”, says Joachim Nielsen, CEO of Proximar.

Proximar has based its salmon farming facility on the RAS-technology, which already for several years has produced Atlantic salmon at AquaMaof’s site in Poland. The company plans to issue production updates at the end of every quarter going forward.

Targeting 5 300 tonnes (HOG) in Phase 1

The Company has currently seven batches in production, showing strong growth curves ahead of expectations. First transfer of fish to the post smolt grow-out facility is scheduled in Q4 2023, in accordance with plan. The targeted long-term harvest level for Proximar is 5 300 tonnes (HOG) per year in Phase 1.

“We are very pleased to show the progress also in terms of biological development. The performance of the system is stable and mortality is lower than expectations.  We’re very encouraged by this development, as Proximar continues to prepare for first harvest in Q3 2024”, ends Mr. Nielsen.

Please see attached file for further details. Proximar’s full Q3 2023 report will be released on 10th Nov 2023.

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Ole Chr. Willumsen, CFO, +47 48 21 34 29,

Joachim Nielsen, CEO, +81 70 2811 9898,