Successful transfer of first fish to nursery

Proximar has today successfully transferred the first batch of Atlantic salmon from the first feeding department to the nursery.

First batch of fish in the nursery

The nursery department has already been running for several weeks before transfer of fish as part of our test and preparation procedure. In total, Proximar has inserted four batches in the facility since the start of production in October 2022. It is the first batch now moved to the nursery department.

"Transferring our first batch of fish from the first feeding to the nursery department is another important milestone for Proximar. The fish is performing according to our expectations, and we are confident in the facility and the team's capabilities going forward," says CEO Joachim Nielsen.

Proximar's CEO Joachim Nielsen (left-hand side), reviewing the nursery together with Neder Snir, the CTO of RAS-technology provider AquaMaof

Construction of the facility is progressing according to schedule enabling the company to run the fish farm according to the operational plan. With more than 88 per cent of the civil works finished, Proximar maintains the target of a completed facility in 3Q 2023.